cheap michael kors North Saskatchewan River Clean Up

North Saskatchewan River Clean Up

Litter in the North Saskatchewan isn’t just an eyesore; it threatens our drinking water, harms our wildlife, and interferes with river recreation.

To address this problem, Capital City Clean Up operates the North Saskatchewan River Clean Up program. The program began as a pilot in 2007 to collect materials. Patrol crews follow federal guidelines to ensure fish and habitats are protected.

The North Saskatchewan River Clean Up became an annual program in 2008. Using shoreline collection and a jet boat, trained City of Edmonton crews safely remove floating debris in the river, around bridges, and close to shore.

Capital City Clean Up also works with various recreational groups that frequent the river under the "Eyes of the River" initiative. These groups assist us by reporting any debris or material found floating in the river.

If you spot debris on the river please call 311 to report it. Do not attempt to retrieve it yourself.

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